Adjustable Back and Shoulder Posture Corrector Belt

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Age: Adult
Model Number: Posture Corrector
Material: Cotton, Neoprene
Package include: 1Pcs * Posture Corrector
Color: White, Blue, Green, Grey
Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
Applicable People: Adult Men Women
Posture Corrector Belt: Back Posture Corrector
Back Corrector Belt: Back Posture Corrector
Shoulder Corrector Belt: Back Straightener
Clavicle Spine Support: Neck Shoulder Brace
Back Brace: Back Shoulder Brace
Back Support: Back Upper Brace
Neck Brace: Posture Corrector Belt
Neck Support: Women Back Posture Brace
Pain Relief: Shoulder Strap Posture
Adjustable: Pull Back Shoulder Brace
Function: Relieve Neck Pain, Relieve Back Pain,  Improve Posture Slouched, Preventing Back Injuries, Reducing Neck Strain, Reducing Back Strain, Strengthen Neck Muscles, Support Protect Spine

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Delivery  Time- 3-4 Weeks


About this item

  • Strong Support & More Effective: This back posture corrector has 2 support bars on the back which ensure stability and provide robust support to improve your posture.
  • It can take pressure off the key areas by aligning your posture properly, thus alleviating back, neck, shoulder, and clavicle pain. Further, it trains your back and shoulder to make your chest out and shoulders back, boosting your confidence
  • Innovative Design: This Posture Corrector incorporates two adjustable straps across your chest and waist which avoid cutting into your underarms, and minimize the risk of underarm chafing. In addition, there are two soft sponge shoulder pads are designed for reducing shoulder pressure
  • Included Belt Extender: This Posture Brace includes a belt extender that resolves size anxiety and is suitable for people who are large-waist or slim. The velcro straps allow you to adjust how tight it forms around your waist and torso, making it much more flexible in achieving a custom fit to your body
  • Unisex, Choose S/M or L/XL: Brace Posture Corrector is unisex and comes in 2 sizes. S/M size fits a 23-35 inches waist, and L/XL size fits a 39-49 inches waist. By using the included belt extender, strong and long-lasting velcro straps allow you to adjust your perfect size
  • Comfy and Breathable Fabric: Featuring breathable, strong, washable, and high-quality materials for long-lasting back support. Wearing it at the office and home to improve your posture when you are convenient. We recommend that you wear the posture corrector over your clothes for comfort


Question: Can this be worn under a shirt and not be seen?
Answer: It fits around your neck like a swimsuit top that goes behind your neck. So if your shirt has a wider neck then no. It will be seen.

Question: Can you wear it for 7 hours?
Answer: Yes, you can wear it for 7 hours or more but we recommend starting small and then daily increase wearing it by an increment of 30 minutes. And don't wear it while sleeping.

Question: I’m 5’9”, 140lbs will this fit me?
Answer: It will fit you if your chest size ranges from 32 to 45 inches.
Question: I'm 5'2" and small frame. will it fit? 
Answer: No, it will not. I'm 5'2" and about 110-115 lbs / small frame. When it says 32-42 around the chest for the small, it clearly does not include the chest size. My chest measurement is a little more than 36"; my measurement right above my chest (where these straps more or less fit) is just barely right under 32" and right under my chest at 28", and I am swimming in this thing...would need to adjust it several more inches on each side...right now, adjusted all the way tight, it just hangs off my back still with no support at all....this picture of this small looking woman on there is super misleading.... I'm returning mine. It might offer great support, but it's just too big for petite women and smaller frames.

Question: I'm 6'0 and work out regularly at the gym. Would this fit on someone with wide shoulders and back?
Answer: It would fit with wide shoulders and back without any problem. You need to just measure the chest circumference and then order that size accordingly. Here is how to Measure the circumference of your chest:

"Place one end of the tape measure at the fullest part of your bust, wrap it around (under your armpits, around your shoulder blades, and back to the front) to get the measurement".


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