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"You gotta understand, when moving images first started, people wanted sound, color, big screen and depth."

Are you bored of watching videos or photos on a small screen? Watching videos on the big screen is very nice, but everywhere we can not take TV or laptop. 

With this screen magnifier you can change the screen of your mobile phone into a big screen anywhere. You can take this magnifier anywhere and it is so small that you are in your bag.

  • Big Picture is a smartphone magnification system that makes your screen 2X bigger!
  • Use anywhere indoors or outdoors, and its foldable and portable.
  • Simply slide your phone in the side opening and it's ready to go, now you can watch in 3D
  • You can even use your fingers to scroll, push buttons, and manipulate the screen, from the side holes
  • Works with all smartphone brands up to 6" in length and 3" in width


Compatible With
Screen Size
Magnification  5x



Simple and generous in shape, light in weight and small in size.
Adopt high-definition amplification optical technology, no power drive, no use cost, energy saving and environmental protection.
Structure adopts many innovative technologies, which are simple and compact, and can be used for various types of mobile phones.
Especially watching 3D mobile movies, the three-dimensional effect is stronger! It can also be used as a traditional magnifying glass. Because of its large magnifying area, it is more suitable for middle-aged and old people to read books, newspapers and online news.

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