How to style a white t-shirt

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We all have been through a year, 2020 was very long and bearable year for all the fashionistas since a lot of people didn’t get to play dress up and just like everyone else no body want to spend money on the fashion trends which change like weather.
2021 fashion trends are different because this white t-shirt at AffordZillion. you can style it many ways and look your best without spending too much money and feeling guilty about it.
The t-shirt layout actually a custom made design that you can only find here AffordZillion. so you can proudly wear your one of a kind t-shirt. You can get a custom t-shirt designed at the lowest price of ₹349.00
This winter you can style it with tucking it in your jeans with a blingy belt and boots with a denim jacket and it exclusive design give you look a not so basic feel and give you your go to stylish jeans and t-shirt look.
You can also team it up with a black leather skirt and knee length socks with boots. Its black color custom designs and black leather skirt give a emo look which brings back that old school fashion trends back with a hint to coolness
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